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Rebecca P. Minor

 Author and Artist

It's official! I have taken the plunge into independent author-ship. Divine Summons, the first installment of The Windrider Saga is coming back to Kindle. This updates edition offers a tidied-up storyline and a fabulous cover. If you haven't met Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast and his band of snarky companions, now's the time.
​And remember, if you love a book or an author, the best way you can show it is to buy his or her books and encourage others to do likewise.

Other places you can find me

I am available for commissions on artwork, such as character sketches, interior illustration, and cover design. I'd be happy to consider ghostwriting your project, doctoring your manuscript, or mentoring. Email me and we can work together on a quote.

I also love notes from fans, so feel free to drop me a line if you've read or seen my work and enjoyed it.

Please use the email form to contact me, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

My Blog

I specialize in fantasy fiction full of adventure and memorable characters with honest struggles.

The books I write are appropriate for anyone comfortable with PG-13 sword fighting violence. 

Join me for occasional musings on life, art, writing, and whatever strikes me as being too long for a Facebook post

I'd love to hear from you

I am a maker. Ideas plague me, striking at all the most inconvenient times and demanding to be given life. But I'm also an equipper. If I'm not making something myself, my next love is to see others learning the the tools to dash off on their own crazy adventures.

My Vision

My pencils and I are longtime friends. Given the choice ,this is the medium I work in. However, I also work digitally and in acrylic paint, and I've been known to build some crazy things, like fun foam dragon costumes and sacrifice chalices.