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With a stolen relic in hand, Danae Baledric beats a desperate retreat across an inhospitable tundra wasteland, where neither she nor her magical abilities can hide. The supernatural sword she carries guarantees her enemies pursue her, bent on retribution. In the meantime, this same uncanny blade bores into the hearts of her companions with whispers that stir their deepest secrets. The sword draws peril from every side. Its mere presence sunders trust and truth.


Before Danae can return to her homeland and save her father from the curse that will destroy him, she must deliver the sword she has wrested from evil hands to the city of Bilearne. But a war’s front lines rage across her path. 


Every step Danae takes toward fulfilling her quest reveals new obstacles to accomplishing her primary desire—to grow in magical knowledge great enough to see her father healed. Factions splinter and promises creak under the stress of a siege that strangles Danae’s last hopes.


Friendships in ruin. A fading future. Death’s shadow looming over all. Despite her route through the darkest valleys, Danae must discover the strength to do what’s right, even if it means jeopardizing everything she once set out to conquer.


Curse Bearer, Book 1 of The Risen Age Archive, is back in print!


When Danae Baledric flees her homeland in search of a cure for a degenerative malady that’s killing her father, she never expects the journey to teach her the price of her own ignorance. On a trek across foreign lands, Danae learns that beyond her own struggle, an eternal war rages. That conflict claims its victims one soul at a time.

Danae’s investigation reveals not only that her father teeters close to falling victim to sinister machinations, but also how her magical dabbling has spurred a hunt for her. Power, even employed in ignorance, has a cost.

An unexpected ally extends to Danae a chance to conquer her father’s fate. This same chance also offers her deliverance from a debt she never realized her enemies were tallying against her. But something bars Danae from claiming redemption—her insistence that she must achieve her goals in her own strength.

It’s an epic tale of curses and miracles, where headstrong ignorance creates bondage, and the desire to serve offers freedom.

When Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast, an officer in the elven cavalry, narrowly escapes a devastating reconnaissance mission, he discovers a new calling to establish the first airborne unit of mounted warriors his people have ever known. Joined by an enigmatic half-elven prophetess and a silver dragon, Vinyanel struggles to come to grips with this responsibility, while mourning the recent loss of his unit and only friends.

A subversive plot to undo the task Vinyanel’s unit died in accomplishing takes shape, right within the walls of the elven capital city. Only with the prophetess’s help, however irritating she may be, will he unravel the mystery behind the enemy’s plans. Vinyanel barrels headlong into territory where he will need more than a sword and shield to prevail. Only if he can look beyond himself for the strength to defeat his enemies will he survive to answer his divine summons.

ON AMAZON (ebook)


When Vinyanel Ecleriast narrowly escapes an assassination attempt right in the halls of the elven royal fortress, it becomes all too clear that his enemies are wasting no time in exploiting a breach in the magic that has protected the elven capital for millennia.


Aided by an unlikely squadron of a prophetess, a marksman, a bookish swordsman, and the very assassin that tried to relieve Vinyanel of his head, he sets out on a quest to plug the leak that complacency created. The search for five vital talismans will test Vinyanel’s fledgling Windrider squadron as he discovers there are some problems even having a silver dragon for a mount cannot solve.


With every victory, Vinyanel makes new enemies, one of which may be a supernatural adversary, or else a manifestation of madness. This new foe wrenches Vinyanel’s demons into the light and poisons him with doubt about his abilities, purpose, and destiny.


A storm is brewing, and Vinyanel must lead his Windrider squadron into the heart of it. But only if he can dodge a knife in the back along the way.

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When Lieutenant Commander Vinyanel Ecleriast intercepts a missive from the legendary Elgadrim people, he discovers the notorious dragon-kin may pose an ever-mounting threat against elves and men. Vinyanel must choose: return home and await orders, or embark on a self-appointed mission to investigate the rumor of calamity. Despite the misgivings of both his subordinates and his prophetess mentor, Vinyanel pursues his hunch. 


The enemies’ plans to employ the Chalice of Gherag-Tal in a gruesome plot of sacrifice and domination drive Vinyanel into a rescue mission. Stymied by delays, he races against the relentless march of time running short. The unexpected arrival of a hatchling dragon, with whom Vinyanel shares and unbreakable bond, further complicates his plans to thwart the summoning of a supernatural army.


A festering grudge. A kindled quest. A crippling wound. In the midst of warring factions stands the truth of valor's worth.

The first short work in The Windrider Canticles -- stories that delve in the histories and particulars that deepen the characters and world of Greymalkynne

Trapped beneath the stifling leadership of an unscrupulous caravan master, a half-elf gypsy seeks the truth of her worth. Veranna’s path to freedom is fraught with painful revelations. Only if she can embrace the meaning behind her visions will she muster the bravery to break the bonds that tether her to a bleak future. 

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Works in Progress


Right now I'm working a somewhat crazy, morally-charged, body horror/fantasy/romance/portal story. So if that ever makes it to print, you have that to look forward to. Let me know if you'd NEVER read such a thing! Spoiler alert and probably a disappointment: this book won't be for younger readers. It's dark and deals with tough issues, so maybe leave this one for mom and dad.

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