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Q: Can I buy prints of anything I've seen here on your site?
A: Please contact me if you're interested in having your own copy of something you've seen here. Some of these samples are my own property, others are commissions, so I would have to answer that on an image-by-image basis

Q: Are you willing work for a share of the royalties on my children's book that I've written?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot work for royalty share. My schedule is such that I have to deny some work to take on new projects, so I can only work for for a negotiated flat fee.

Q: How much do you charge for illustrations?
A: Every project is individual in terms of its demand and timeline, so pricing will vary based on many 
factors. However, a midline cost you can consider if you're thinking of contacting me:

Individual character drawings, color: Starting at $150 each

Individual full illustrations, color, with background: Starting at $250 each

Full children's book, based on 20-24 illustrations: Starting at $3000

If you'd rather have third party help in contracting me for work, I am also available for hire on Reedsy. 






Q: How long will it take you to illustrate my children's book?

A: Due to diverse demands on my time, expect a minimum of 6 months of production time for a children's book project

Q: How can I get an idea what illustrations should cost?
A: The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook is an invaluable resource to help you know what the current market rate is for just about any kind of art you might contract. If you are new to working with illustrators, you will probably get sticker shock reading this book. Rest assured, however, that the numbers they publish are from an ideal, corporate standpoint, so a freelancer like me will likely be able to work with your budget, so long as it's not a quarter of the "going rate."

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