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Dragon Junkies!

The Risen Age Archive comes to its epic conclusion in Rune Bearer.

Evil from the ancient past coils to strike.

Danae Baledric has outsmarted a fiend, survived a siege, even turned the tide of a war—but can she fight her way back to her family before servants of Queldurik unleash a genocidal horror?


While deep in her long-coveted study of Thaumaturgy, Danae discovers her father’s stabbing is merely a tiny facet of a much greater threat. And while Culduin gladly serves as Danae’s guide and field medic, he never anticipated the task of operating a millennia-old relic would fall to him. 


Danae and Culduin’s race to hidden ruins reacquaints them with both friends and foes they thought they’d left behind. With every step they take closer to their goal, they must question whom they can trust—and whom they dare endanger.


What began as one girl’s quest to save her father explodes into a climactic battle that will seal the fate not only of Danae’s family, but of Creo’s followers everywhere. 

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