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  • Rebecca P Minor

Rune Bearer is FINALLY done

At long last, Book 3 of my fantasy series, The Risen Age Archive, is complete and ready to head out for edits.

It has been a long journey for this one. Curse Bearer, book 1 of this series, was the first book I endeavored to write. I began the book on New Year's Eve of 2008, while my husband was off working a sales job that kept him out late. Little did I know that this "on a whim" outlet for my storytelling itch would launch my life into a direction I never could have anticipated that night I began writing.

I had always considered myself not capable of writing stories of my own. In animation school, almost every script I wrote was an adaptation of another writer's work (Lloyd Alexander's short stories being some of my favorite material.) But on long winter nights while my tiny children slept, I needed a creative outlet for the storyteller I had tried to back-burner while I chased toddlers and homeschooled my eldest.

Little did I imagine that book I began on New Year's Eve would grow to a trilogy, and neither did I expect it would spawn another entire series in the same story world, one that would get published before Risen Age. Least of all did I expect my adoption of novel writing as my new creative tool to lead me to the isolated community of Christian speculative fiction writers--which eventually birthed Realm Makers.

They say you should never publish the first thing you write. To be fair, every book in Risen Age has undergone so many drafts and re-releases that Rune Bearer is more like my 10th or 11th book, despite the fact that I've only released 5 novels so far.

So it is with a contented sigh that I release Rune Bearer to the refining fire of edits. This book has proven to me that this novel writing thing gets harder with each book, not easier. I pray that this story will ring with excitement and heart.

If you've made it this far through this long-winded post, maybe you are interested enough in the request that comes along with my announcement of finishing Rune Bearer. Would you like to be on the team of advance reviewers for this book? My hope is to get ARCs to any interested folks in late March or early April. I would be humbled if you would consider being part of the team that will have a pivotal impact on this book's success or failure.

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